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Choose one of these 2-day trainings, or plan to attend for all 4 days. If you have no experience with RJ, start with our introductory training. If you've already experienced training in Restorative Practices (Tier I) sign up for our Advanced Workshop.

August 5-6

Introduction to Restorative Justice and Community Building in

Schools, Workplaces, and Organizations 

In this two-day workshop, participants will be introduced to principles and processes of restorative justice and restorative practice, and develop skills in facilitating circles and restorative conversations. Our expert practitioners will guide the group through circle practices for prevention and response for everyday harms that occur in workplaces, organizations, K-12 and college campuses, such as racial and gendered micro-aggressions. Participants will gain perspective on their own identities as facilitators, and identify strategies for building communities of supportive accountability and care. 

August 7-8

Advanced Training in Restorative Justice and Practice

In this intensive two-day workshop, participants will gain experience in responding to serious conflict and harm using trauma-informed restorative conferencing and harm circles. RJ professionals will share their real-world experience and strategies for implementing RJ at the level of policy and practice, including scaffolded trainings for colleagues and peers. People who complete this training will be prepared to start the process of developing and implementing basic RJ practice in their communities, organizations, or work spaces. 

Facilitator Bios

Jonathan Bradley is a practicing mediator and a restorative justice specialist, currently working for the Pittsburg Unified School District as an RJ Coordinator. His specialization is working with families in crisis to offer restorative approaches to conflicts and harm.


Nicole Cuellar utilizes restorative practices in a re-entry program with Community Works West. Nicole hopes to support the implementation of Restorative Justice at a institutional level in order to transform systematic oppression and injustices. 

Katherine Culberg directs the Restorative Reentry program at Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY). Her passion for and commitment to restorative justice continues to grow, particularly as it relates to racial reconciliation. 

Jose ‘Eddie’ Estrada has been a Restorative Justice Practitioner at Berkeley High School for 3 years.  His work entails coaching and modeling restorative practices, offering support to classrooms and teachers, collaborating with staff to refine restorative interventions, and providing tailored trainings to meet the needs of everyone involved.

Julie Shackford-Bradley is the coordinator of the Restorative Justice Center at UC Berkeley. Her work in colleges and universities has led her to focus on ways to facilitate better communication around social justice issues and organizing, as well as harms associated with racial bias.

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The fee for each two-day workshop is $375. If you choose to do all 4 days, the fee is $700. Please pay through the Paypal link below.


We encourage participants to ask their employers to fund their attendance. For more information about scholarships, please email



  When:     9:30 - 4:30 PM

 Where:     UC Berkeley

           Unit 2 Dorm, Wada L-08 (see map)

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