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K-12 Services

“Our schools are a reflection of our values as a society. The schools we create mirror the society we create for ourselves.”

- Circle Forward

Our Philosophy

We think of RJ in schools as embracing a paradigm shift toward a more caring, equitable and inclusive environment where all youth and adults thrive. At the foundation of this shift are circles and circle practice in schools that support the cultivation of communities where people can uplift each other and work through conflicts together.

When schools engage restorative practices such as harm circles and restorative conversations to address harm and conflict, they can authentically attend to root causes and meet the needs of all involved. RJ centers responses to conflict and harm around accountability and support.


RJ in schools is as much for adults as it is for the students!

​Circles for Social Change emphasizes healthy, vibrant, caring and sustainable relationships among staff, administrators, parents, and others. We create spaces for coming together to address issues in your schools, through trust building and open dialogue.

The Restorative Retrofit:

-  We assess the existing foundation in your school to locate strengths and challenges.

-  We identify current resources and areas of possibility to cultivate for building and strengthening community that can withstand stresses and grow through conflict and harm.

-  We guide you in the co-creation of alternatives to traditional discipline pathways.

-  We empower and train you to develop and sustain a restorative culture shift. 

-  We support your organization in a consistent integration of these principles and practices over time.


CSC’s approach is to build relationships with your school, community, and district to offer a series of workshops, trainings, services and consultations to effectively develop RJ in your school culture.

Empower your Students!

Training and supporting students to hold restorative conversations and circles with their peers can be a way of embedding restorative justice practices at the core of student to student interactions. Building and supporting a project for Peer-Peer RJ Practice at your school  will serve to enhance social and emotional learning within the student body and can form the foundation for RJ on your school site. Peer-peer projects support students in sharing responsibility for climate and culture shift with adults. 


Trainings & Workshops
RJ for Teachers
  • The Restorative Classroom  

  • Circles for Addressing Conflict and Harm (between teachers and students, teachers and teachers, teachers and parents, and administration). 

Strategic Implementation
Restorative Responses to Conflict & Harm
  • Restorative Crisis Intervention

  • Supporting and Developing Skills in Restorative Conversations, Restorative Community Conferences and Harm/Peacebuilding Circles 

  • Circles of Support and Accountability for Students, Staff

Staff & Administration Satisfaction
  • Community Building 

  • Holding Circles for Restorative Onboarding and Offboarding​ of Staff, Administrators 

  • Circles of Support and Accountability for Struggling Staff

  • Designing a Wellness Space​ at your School

  • Surveys and evaluations 

  • Stakeholder Conversations

  • Strategic Planning, Coaching and Consultation for Implementation.

  • Consultations with Districts to Develop District-wide Investments and Policies. 

  • Restorative Justice Retrofit for Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Departments.


"Kat and Tabiti understand the importance of restorative practices and they also understand how to meet people exactly where they are. Their training helped our staff create an environment that understands the importance of building community and connecting. Kat and Tabiti work well together and you can’t help but fall in love with them!

I know it’s cheesy, but it is how I truly feel."

- L Medina, Principal

Communities We Have Served

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