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College and University Services

Our Philosophy

Colleges and universities are complex environments where people come together from many different lived experiences.

Circles for Social Change offers alternative approaches to conflict and harm and many opportunities to reframe and strengthen relationships for students, faculty, staff and administrators. We believe that foundational restorative practices are sorely needed on campuses, where siloing and cultures of individualism and hierarchy thrive. These practices are crucial for navigating diverse campus communities.


Colleges and universities are intensely hierarchical institutions.

While Restorative Justice cannot dismantle hierarchies, our practices can provide interventions for the most harmful and ineffective aspects of such structures and how they influence culture and communities at large.


We work to shift cultures from

“power over” to “power with.

We believe these are key components of Restorative Leadership and Management which bring meaningful productivity and an authentically inclusive environment for students, staff, administrators and faculty.

The Restorative Retrofit:

-       Step one is to intentionally increase support and care at all levels, through restorative practices. 


-       Step two is to create cultures of supportive accountability. That is, cultures in which it is normalized and encouraged that people own up to their mistakes, knowing from experience that they will be supported in making repairs and learning in the process.


-       Step three is to promote psychological safety in units, departments, and meetings, so that people at all levels can provide authentic feedback and participate in inclusive decision-making.

We support community building practice in all areas of the college/university, in living spaces, classrooms, for teams, departments, staff units,  student cohorts, etc., to invite a shift toward more caring and equitable relationships, and more supportive conditions for learning and working.



  • Community Building

  • Workshops and Trainings in Restorative Justice and Practices

  • Direct Services: Restorative Responses to Conflict and Harm

  • RJ-based Workshops on Racial and other Identity Harms and Healing

  • Peer-Peer RJ


  • Surveys and evaluations

  • Affinity Spaces 

  • Holding circles for Restorative Onboarding and Offboarding

  • Trainings and Workshops

  • Designing Wellness Spaces

  • Workplace Circles of Support and Accountability

  • Community Building Circles


  • Trainings and Workshops

  • Affinity Spaces

  • Workplace Circles of Support and Accountability

  • Community Building Circles


I appreciated the facilitators' skillful guidance throughout the circle. Their ability to create a space of trust, respect, and empathy set the foundation for meaningful dialogue. Their use of restorative justice principles and techniques helped navigate challenging moments and ensure that everyone had an opportunity to participate and be heard.

- Program Participant

Communities We Have Served

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