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Restorative Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Building trusting, open and   relationships for DEI transformations.

Our Philosophy

At Circles for Social Change, we bring a restorative approach to DEI efforts. 

We provide tools and guide folks in how to create spaces to build a foundation of authentic and trusting relationships. In these spaces, people build resilience for difficult / courageous conversations that explore histories and present experiences of harm and exclusion and how they continue to impact and inform relationships today. We facilitate conversations to develop consensus on the meaning of diversity equity and inclusion in your organization, values and principles to guide and inform relationships, actions, timelines, commitments and decision-making moving forward.

Many organizations have a well-meaning intention to build diverse, equitable and inclusive communities. However, without a courageous and comprehensive evaluation of the root causes of exclusion and inequity, and a real and ongoing commitment to address the resulting harms and needs, these organizations may find themselves stuck in a performative cycle and not be able to move into true transformation.

Our experience has shown that when organizations and institutions begin to address Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DEI), all kinds of conflicts come to the surface. People disagree on the urgency of action, the level of commitment and investment (time and money), expectations, goals and outcomes, and the breadth and depth of the integration of DEI concepts and sustainable culture shift.


  • Affinity spaces 

  • Transforming Whiteness

  • Restorative Leadership

  • Listening Circles 

  • Impact Circles

  • Consultation

  • Coaching

  • Restorative Conversations and Processes 

  • Strategic Visioning 

  • Meeting Facilitation


At the foundation of circles are all the values that nurture good relationships with others.  These values and other elements can create a container strong enough to hold anger, frustration,  joy, pain, conflict, diverse worldviews, intense feelings, silence, paradox. Having a conversation about and agreeing upon values before discussing difficult issues can dramatically change the way people interact in the discussion of the difficult issues.

- Fania Davis

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