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Our Philosophy

When relationships in families and communities are fractured, impacts may be physical, emotional, financial, and long term. We support communities in coming together to work through conflict and harm, drawing on the collective wisdom of all. We provide the tools for families and communities to develop shared values for communication and relationships, and engaging in courageous conversations. When conflict or harm occur, we guide families and communities in attending to root causes and identifying and addressing unmet needs. We will work with you for as long as needed to identify pathways forward for repair and transformation. 

Are you looking for non-legal alternatives to remedying family and community conflict?


Communities we Serve

  • Families

  • Retirement Communities

  • HOAs and Condominiums

  • Neighborhood Groups /Town Groups

  • Co-Housing Communities

  • and more... 

What we Offer 

  • Community Building 

  • Circles for Support and Accountability

  • Family Circles / Mediations 

  • Workshops and Trainings on RJ

  • and more... 


The restorative justice circle gave me the chance to be heard and listen without passing judgment. It gave me a secure space in which to express my emotions and thoughts. Thanks to the space provided, I felt highly validated and understood. Engaging in attentive listening with my peers was incredibly empowering.

- Program Participant

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