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Africa School for the Arts Academy

Katinvuma Academies
Project Plan for the Construction of 
African School for the Arts Academy

The challenges of
Our changing world
Require that education
Be availed to all citizens

Circles for Social Change is supporting the building of the African School for the Arts Academy. The school will administer a post-primary level academy in Namengo, Mbale District in Eastern Uganda. The site for the proposed academy – African School for the Arts – is located in Namengo, Mbale District, Eastern Uganda. Namengo is 7.5 miles from Mbale City, the capital of Mbale District.

The school, Uganda School for the Arts, will chiefly serve the areas of Namengo, Namagumba, Namunsi, Nampanga, Mpogo, Sironko, Mafudu, Nakaloke, Namanyonyi, and other proximate neighborhoods. Participants from outside of this geographic area will also be admitted.

The reason we are choosing to build another Post-Primary Academy is that many young people in the region are still going without secondary education due to inadequate schools. At a glance, the provision of secondary/high schools in the region seems high for a single district. However, as pointed out by the inhabitants in the region, construction of more secondary schools is essential to providing access to quality higher education. I am not alone in the belief that when more people have access to secondary education, it becomes significantly easier for them to pursue even higher levels of education if they choose to do so. They also have more opportunities for employment and are better positioned to participate in job creation.

To learn more about this project, download the full description here: project details

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