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Workplaces & Organizations

Restorative Justice in the workplace can help you reimagine – and restoratively retrofit –  your work culture and structure.


Let us co-plan pathways to transformation!


Our Philosophy

Workplaces and organizations are stronger when people are in relationships based on trust and other shared values. 

Circles for Social Change emphasizes healthy, vibrant, caring and sustainable relationships in your professional workplace. We bring a restorative paradigm of “calling in” and supportive accountability in response to conflict and harm through an emphasis on harms, impacts and needs. 

We work to shift cultures from

“power over” to “power with.

We believe these are key components of Restorative Leadership and Management which bring to meaningful productivity and an authentically inclusive environment for employees. managers, and executives.

The Restorative Retrofit:

-       We guide you through processes to  co-create and implement  organizational values, principles, and agreements. 


-       We support you in holding space to cultivate and sustain community and understanding, and to value everyone’s lived experiences and the insights and strengths they bring. 


-       We train your members of your organization to envision and develop processes for a shift from punitive to restorative approaches to conflict and harm. 


-       We consult with your organization through consistent integration of these principles and practices over time.


Do you have members of your staff who are struggling?

Let us show you how restorative practices in the workplace promote and support healthy and equitable workplace relationships. Our coaches, consultants and trainers will share their knowledge of building and strengthening community within your organization, business or company.


  • Surveys and Evaluations

  • Affinity Spaces (make link to new page)

  • Strategic Planning

  • Holding Circles for Restorative Onboarding and Offboarding

  • Community Building Circles

  • Trainings and Workshops 

  • Restorative DEI

  • Designing Wellness Spaces

  • Direct Responses for Conflict and Harm

  • Workplace Circles of Support and Accountability

  • and more... 


"I'll use this in my interpersonal interactions by making an effort to show empathy and understanding. The power of actually listening to others without passing judgment and attempting to understand their experiences, feelings, and viewpoints was something I learned from the restorative justice circle. I came to see that I could create more meaningful connections, settle disagreements, and fortify my relationships by putting myself in their position."

-Program Participant

Workplaces & Organizations We Have Served

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