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Our Team


Founding Directors

Jonathan Bradley, Kat Culberg, and Julie Shackford-Bradley



Jonathan Bradley is a practicing mediator and a restorative justice specialist, currently working for the Pittsburg Unified School District as an RJ Coordinator. Prior to that, he was restorative justice coach for SEEDS Community Resolution Center, implementing RJ programs at Bay Area Schools and communities. Formerly, he worked at Community Works West as a Community Conferencing Coordinator, where he offered RJ diversion programs for youth who had been convicted of felony-level offenses.  His specialization is working with families in crisis to offer restorative approaches to conflicts and harm.

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Ramsay Boly is a second-year Burkinabe-American graduate student with the Master of Development Practice. Ramsay’s values and identities draw from a global spectrum of cultures, ideologies, and narratives. Ramsay completed a B.A. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution with a minor in Non-Profit Studies at George Mason University before taking on the entrepreneur lifestyle. Ramsay believes that modern development urgently needs a shift away from identity-based politics and paternalistic practices, that reflects divine interdependence to enable true collaboration. His work towards these goals focuses on self-cultivation, restorative justice, diversity inclusivity, conflict resolution, youth empowerment, social entrepreneurship, and collaborative impact.

Katherine (Kat) Culberg began her career as a registered nurse and quickly developed a passion for working in public health and social justice.  Her focus has been on impacted, adolescent youth in urban, underserved, under-resourced areas. She has been active in providing direct service and in developing and managing school-based health centers in Oakland. Over the last few years, she has studied, trained and participated in restorative justice work resulting in a position with Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY) directing the Circles of Support and Accountability Re-entry program in the Alameda County Juvenile Hall.

David Dean is passionate about healing the psychological impact of systemic oppression on youth most vulnerable to its violence, and within people made dominant by it. He believes we can find the strength and understanding we need to contribute to the creation of a just society. He has sought to do this as coordinator of a summer youth activism program called The Unity Hoops Project, as an advocate for restorative discipline in schools, as a facilitator supporting men to overcome hyper-masculine social expectations, and as a writer and trainer for White Awake


Jose ‘Eddie’ Estrada has been a Restorative Justice Practitioner at Berkeley High School for 3 years.  His work entails coaching and modeling restorative practices, offering support to classrooms and teachers, collaborating with staff to refine restorative interventions, and providing tailored trainings to meet the needs of everyone involved. He previously worked with SEEDS Community Resolution Center and oversaw the implementation of RJ in over ten school sites for the Napa Valley School District. 


Ta-Biti Gibson

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Alexander Pedro Mayorga has been a Restorative Justice Coordinator with SEEDS Cultivating Community, Transforming Conflict for 2 years. Pedro’s experience includes conflict resolution, group facilitation, youth mentoring and teaching students self-awareness and cultural humility. Additionally, Pedro has provided professional development workshops for teachers, administration, and school personnel on topics such as social justice and structural racism. His background includes being an active community volunteer, ESL Instructor in Bay Point and a former interpreter for the Mt. Diablo Unified School District.


Damali Robertson is a circle keeper, facilitator, mindfulness practitioner, writer, poet, and mom. She earned a BA in Political Science and Literature from Africa and the Diaspora from Pitzer College and an MA in Communication for Social and Behavior Change from the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. A graduate of Practice in Transformative Action (a mindfulness program offered through East Bay Meditation Center) and frequent circle keeper, Damali is dedicated to transformation and healing. Her first book of poetry, Love. Loss. Healing. +Brawta and YouTube channel, Souls of Women, are two of her creative healing projects.

Julie Shackford-Bradley is the co-founder and coordinator of the Restorative Justice Center at UC Berkeley. Prior to founding the RJ Center, she taught in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies for 15 years. The RJ Center offers services, programs and trainings for campus and the local community in RJ and restorative practices. Julie has facilitated many trainings for colleges and universities, with focus on building solidarity for social justice, improving communication across difference, responding to bias and sexual harm. She is actively engaged with PRISM (Promoting Restorative Initiatives for Sexual Misconduct) as a writer and trainer.