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Meet Our Team!


Founding Directors

Jonathan Bradley, Kat Culberg, and Julie Shackford-Bradley



Jonathan Bradley is a practicing mediator and a restorative justice specialist, currently working for the Pittsburg Unified School District as an RJ Coordinator. Prior to that, he was restorative justice coach for SEEDS Community Resolution Center, implementing RJ programs at Bay Area Schools and communities. Formerly, he worked at Community Works West as a Community Conferencing Coordinator, where he offered RJ diversion programs for youth who had been convicted of felony-level offenses.  His specialization is working with families in crisis to offer restorative approaches to conflicts and harm.

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Ramsay Boly is a second-year Burkinabe-American graduate student with the Master of Development Practice. Ramsay’s values and identities draw from a global spectrum of cultures, ideologies, and narratives. Ramsay completed a B.A. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution with a minor in Non-Profit Studies at George Mason University before taking on the entrepreneur lifestyle. Ramsay believes that modern development urgently needs a shift away from identity-based politics and paternalistic practices, that reflects divine interdependence to enable true collaboration. His work towards these goals focuses on self-cultivation, restorative justice, diversity inclusivity, conflict resolution, youth empowerment, social entrepreneurship, and collaborative impact.

Katherine (Kat) Culberg has been working as an RJ facilitator and trainer for over a decade. She began her career as a public health nurse who quickly developed a passion for working in the areas of public health and social justice. After years of building school based health centers in Oakland, she was introduced to RJ at a workshop at Allen Temple in East Oakland. Leaving nursing (but not wellness) she started her restorative journey- participating in circles in Prisons and jails and then in the Juvenile Detention Centers- ultimately  becoming Program director at RJOY (Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth). She co-founded Circles For Social Change with the goal of healing and justice, through a Restorative Justice framework, as an internal, interpersonal and structural journey. She is particularly interested in working with white folks in our own insight and accountability as it connects to Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations in the United States.  She believes that transformation is a lifetime commitment that we are all capable of experiencing.


Jose ‘Eddie’ Estrada has been a Restorative Justice Practitioner at Berkeley High School for 3 years.  His work entails coaching and modeling restorative practices, offering support to classrooms and teachers, collaborating with staff to refine restorative interventions, and providing tailored trainings to meet the needs of everyone involved. He previously worked with SEEDS Community Resolution Center and oversaw the implementation of RJ in over ten school sites for the Napa Valley School District. 


Ta-Biti Gibson or Baba Ta-Biti, as many of his students refer to him, has been a practitioner of Restorative Justice Practices for over 25 years beginning with circle gatherings in Northern Louisiana and court-like hearings in Ethiopia. Later, Ta-Biti would borrow from his experiences in his practices with the Oakland Unified School District at Edna Brewer Middle School as the RJ coordinator.  Ta-Biti leads a robust peer rj team of over 100 students and believes student leadership is the key to a healthy, inclusive, and inviting school community.   Ta-biti has been learning and sharing as the Student Support Specialist  at AIM High's UPA campus for the past 6 summers, 7 summers total.  My best work on this Earth has been as a father.  My umbrella passion is to contribute to the human spiritual journey through very common, even mundane, methodologies.  Ta-Biti's favorite place of peace is 60 feet below water, blowing bubbles...PEACE.


Alexander Pedro Mayorga has been a Restorative Justice Coordinator with SEEDS Cultivating Community, Transforming Conflict for 2 years. Pedro’s experience includes conflict resolution, group facilitation, youth mentoring and teaching students self-awareness and cultural humility. Additionally, Pedro has provided professional development workshops for teachers, administration, and school personnel on topics such as social justice and structural racism. His background includes being an active community volunteer, ESL Instructor in Bay Point and a former interpreter for the Mt. Diablo Unified School District.

Julie Shackford-Bradley has taught in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies and Restorative Justice for 20 years. She has been a practicing mediator and RJ facilitator since 2012. In that year, she co-founded the restorative Justice Center at UC Berkeley and she became the Director in 2015. Julie specializes in RJ and Conflict Transformation in Higher Education and in Workplaces and Organizations. She enjoys designing workshop experiences and materials for people who work, learn and teach together in various capacities. Along with the partners at Circles for Social Change and the RJ Center, Julie is currently focusing on what is needed for Restorative Leadership and Management to offer alternatives for traditional HR approaches, and to support the development of pathways for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. She continues to pursue her passion to promote Truth, Justice, Repair and Transformation in the United States.


KARI MALKKI (any pronouns) is a queer, Black facilitator and organizer who brings a deep commitment to Black feminism and prison-industrial-complex abolition to her restorative justice work. Kari has roots in rural North Carolina, Uganda, and Finland, and they are settled on Ohlone land. Before practicing restorative justice facilitation, Kari provided advocacy and support to incarcerated Californians fighting for resentencing and release, and worked with low-income and unhoused Bay Area residents to access housing and vital services. Kari holds an MSW/MPP from UC Berkeley and is passionate about liberatory approaches to healing and mental healthcare.


SIMONE BRADLEY is the organization's Marketing and Communications Director. She has a bachelor's degree in Communication and French from the University of Montana and a Juris Doctorate from Washington University in St Louis. Her commitment to restorative justice work stems from a passion for equity and a desire to harness the power of storytelling and effective communication to shed light on the importance of restorative practices.

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