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Youth Leadership in Restorative Practices

Our Philosophy

Training and supporting students to hold restorative conversations and circles with their peers can be a way of embedding restorative justice practices at the core of student to student interactions. Building and supporting a project for Restorative Justice Student Leaders at your school  will serve to enhance social and emotional learning within the student body and be the foundation for RJ on your school site. 


CSC wants to help you build a Project in restorative Justice Student Leadership at your High School or Middle School, Community Center or Summer Camp. We also offer consultations, coaching and support.

Our unique approach recognizes that each site has different needs and resources. We customize our workshops/consultation strategies based on your needs and unique to your school or community culture and environment. First we will consult with you or your team to conceptualize and formalize a description of the project for your school site. Then we will design a workshop / consultation strategy that is best for you. 

We work with districts, site administrators, teachers, staff,  students, parents, and community members. 

Our Services


Our CSC training team has experience in planning, implementing and supporting student lead restorative practices processes for middle and high school settings.

Our workshops / consultations include: 


Forming a Restorative Practices Committee or Working Group at your institution (with adults and representing student voices) as a foundation for your Restorative Justice Student Leaders Project. 


Building out and supporting your Restorative Justice Student Leaders Project:

  • Outreach

  • Recruitment strategies – We work closely with the adult rj support (s) on your site to carefully visualize and craft a recruitment strategy.

  • Designing inclusive and restorative applications and interviewing processes and strategies

  • Training – Our team will train your students and adult supporters. We also offer ongoing support and monthly evaluation. Contact us for an example of a training agenda

  • Parent participation 

  • Ongoing coaching and support 

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