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RJ 101 for SCHOOLS

In this workshop, we will weave in a diverse group of facilitators and speakers to present on what restorative justice (RJ) is, and why schools would want to take up the challenge of developing restorative justice programs. We will discuss who might organize and facilitate the restorative justice structures and processes in your school and how to implement RJ. We believe that the best way to understand RJ is through dialog and conversation, rather than lecture formats, and so each day will incorporate experiential learning.  

Note: In response to social distancing guidelines, we have moved these to two-day online trainings. To make the most of the experience, participants will prepare for the training by completing several readings and watching short films, and will be asked to complete homework between sessions.

Who is this training for?

This training is designed for leaders in schools as well as teachers, staff, employees, who are interested in growing restorative justice programs in their schools. 

Topics covered:

  • Intro to Circles 

  • RJ for Social Justice 

  • Punitive/Restorative

  • Principles and Practices 

  • What does the data say? 

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