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In this intensive workshop, participants will gain experience in responding to serious conflict and harm using trauma-informed restorative conferencing and harm circles. RJ professionals will share their real-world experience and strategies for implementing RJ at the level of policy and practice, including scaffolded trainings for colleagues and peers. People who complete this training will be prepared to start the process of developing and implementing basic RJ practice in their communities, organizations, work spaces, or schools.

Note: in response to social distancing guidelines, we will hold this training online, in 2-hour sessions over  a 4-day period. To make the most of the experience, participants will prepare for the training by completing several readings and watching short films, and will be asked to complete homework between sessions.

Who is this training for?

This training is for participants who have completed restorative justice 101 trainings either for schools or for organizations and who want to take a deeper dive into developing an RJ infrastructure in your space. 

Topics covered:

From Investigation to Restorative Inquiry 

  • Using the Restorative Questions and Changing Terminology

  • Supportive Accountability 

  • Restorative Discipline 

  • Social/Emotion Learning 

Advanced RJ Practices 

  • Restorative Conferences and Harm Circles

  • Circles of Support and Accountability 

  • Working with Parents and the Community 

  • Secondary Prevention 


Integration of RJ in School Settings

  • Identifying Stakeholders and Creating Networks 

  • Creating RJ Student Leader Programs 

  • Utilizing Circles (Staff, Students, Parents) 

  • Policy Issues: RJ in California’s Ed Code

  • How to integrate RJ into your Disciplinary Structure/Flowchart

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