Our weekend intensive includes much of the learning from our one-day workshop but takes it far deeper.

In this workshop participants will also:


  • Learn about, reflect upon, and begin to undo the ways that our socialization as white people affects our behaviors, beliefs, and interactions.

  • Develop a concrete plan for handling difficult emotions about racial justice work in the moment and the long-term


In this training, we will also illustrate that the choice between an identities based in white superiority, white denial, or white guilt is a false one. Instead, we will begin to explore how we can develop truly meaningful, anti-racist cultural identities rooted in:


  • Our lost ethnic roots that were replaced by whiteness

  • The history of multi-racial struggle to build a society free from racism and economic exploitation

  • The active pursuit of racial reconciliation, racial justice, and collective liberation

Facilitator Bios


Katherine Culberg directs the Restorative Reentry program at Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY). Her passion for and commitment to restorative justice continues to grow, particularly as it relates to racial reconciliation. 

David Dean has spent his recent life coordinating a youth activism program called The Unity Hoops Project, advocating for restorative discipline in schools, supporting men to overcome hyper-masculine social expectations, and serving as a writer and trainer for White Awake. He is passionate about facilitating the inner transformation we need to become effective agents of social change. 

Julie Shackford-Bradley is the coordinator of the Restorative Justice Center at UC Berkeley. Her work in colleges and universities has led her to focus on ways to facilitate better communication around social justice issues and organizing, as well as harms associated with racial bias.

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