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In this experiential training, led by experienced restorative justice coordinators, we will bring knowledge, experience and skills to support the practice of community building circles and harm circles on your site. We will also facilitate the creation of a community of practice based on your training group, for ongoing feedback, consultation, and other forms of support. In addition, you will develop strategies for navigating school  sites, including how to work with administrators, support staff, teachers, students, peer-peer RJ groups, and families, and guiding your school toward building a holistic RJ culture. 

Note: in response to social distancing guidelines, we will hold this training online, in 2-hour sessions over a  5-day period. To make the most of the experience, participants will prepare for the training by completing several readings and watching short films, and will be asked to complete homework between sessions.

Who is this training for? 

This training is for people who are currently positioned as an RJ Coordinator in a school or who would like to be trained for a position as an RJ Coordinator.

Topics covered:

  • Common Challenges and Successes of Being an RJ Coordinator

  • Best Practices for Working with School Sites and Youth

  • Foundational Practices of Restorative Justice

  • Creating Systems of Support and Connection

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