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People are always amazed at how naturally and confidently students (and all ages) take to Restorative Practices. This one-day workshop provides participants with the framework and strategies to develop a peer-peer Restorative Practices program in your school or program. We’ll present the benefits of these programs, and ideas for incorporating them into disciplinary approaches. We’ll also guide participants in the work of training and supporting students, as well as devising curricula that help students develop a foundational understanding of the history of restorative justice and its current applications. Most importantly, our experienced RJ Coordinators will share their best practices and resources for developing the sustainable peer-peer programs.

Who is this training for?

This training is designed for teachers, administrators, parents, board members, safety officers, RJ Coordinators -- anyone who would like to develop and run a peer-peer organization at a school. Students who would like to be peer facilitators are also welcome!

Topics covered:

  • Why you might want to implement a peer to peer RJ team

  • How to set up a peer program

  • How to train students for a peer program

  • Curriculum development 

  • The power of play 

  • Navigating school structures

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