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Bay Area, California  |


APRIL 11 - 12, 2020

Time & Location TBA

 In this two-day workshop, participants will be introduced to principles and processes of restorative justice and restorative practice, and develop skills in facilitating circles and restorative conversations. Our expert practitioners will guide the group through circle practices for prevention and response for everyday harms that occur in workplaces, organizations, K-12 and college campuses, such as racial and gendered micro-aggressions. Participants will gain perspective on their own identities as facilitators, and identify strategies for building communities of supportive accountability and care. ​

Who is this training for?


This workshop is designed for participants interested in utilizing restorative justice and practices within their workplace or organization. How are the relationships in your work place?


Topics covered:

  •  Restorative practices to building intentional community within workspaces 

  • Shifting emphasis from punitive to restorative responses to conflict and harm

  • Values and community agreements

  • Deepening relationships

  • Listening and communication skills

  • Examining restorative vs punitive systems at your workplace 

Facilitators: Facilitator bios coming soon.




Coming soon.



  When:     Time TBD

 Where:     Location TBD