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February 8 & 9, 2020

Time & Location TBA

Restorative Community Conferences (RCCs) are a specific modality of RJ, based on the Family Group Conferencing model of New Zealand. Through Restorative Community Conferences, people who have broken a law or violated a policy can engage in a process that supports accountability and transformation, while also centering the needs of those who have been harmed.    


This in-depth training will guide participants through every step of the Restorative Community Conference, from initial outreach to the completion of the restitution plan. Through practice, participants will gain the experience and confidence to hold RCCs in their schools, communities, and organizations. The training introduces strategies for building the right infrastructure for integrating RCCs into disciplinary and support structures. Our trainers have years of experience facilitating RCCs in different environments, and look forward to envisioning with participants how to engage the RCC model in ways that increase our responsiveness to harm.

Who is this training for? 


This training is designed for people who have some foundational experience with Restorative Practices, Community Building Circles, or “Tier I” processes. If you’re already doing Restorative Community Conferencing in your spaces, this can be a great refresher.


Topics covered:

  • What is a restorative community conference (RCC)?

  • Origins of RCCs

  • How to set up and run an RCC

  • Preparation & steps of the conference 

  • What are agreements in an RCC?

  • Paperwork: confidentiality statements, MOUs 

  • Post-conference Evaluation 

  • Conference preparation checklist  

  • and more!


Jonathan Bradley & David Yusem


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  When:     Time TBD

 Where:     Location TBD